The 5 Elements Theory

Forces of the Univers

ॐ There are two basic forces in the universe: the contractive force (centripetal) and the expanding force (centrifugal). In any relationship whether it’s earth-sky, or water-rocks, the forces are always attracted. As they are attracted to each other they create the third force: contraction (moving towards each other). As they are moving towards each other, they are affecting each other and they repel each other (one is going up more, the other is going down more) creating the fourth force: expansion. All of these forces interrelate to create another force: change !
ॐ The 5 Elements Theory is not looking at the anatomy or at the physiology but what comes as a precursor of that, before anything manifests: the 5 Elements Theory represents what we see energetically.
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The 5 Elements

ॐ The theory of the 5 Elements is Indian and reputedly 4000 years old. The 5 primary elements ( Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal ) represent the 5 forces. This theory has its roots in the concept of the eternal interplay of Yin and Yang. For in the interplay of these two complementary opposites, a new entity is always born.
ॐ In the 5 Elements picture below we can see a Circle and a Pentagram that connect all the Elements together:
# The Circle is called “SHENG”: it’s the Mother/Son cycle (creation cycle with a nurturing quality) it’s a natural cycle that Nature goes through, our emotion and every aspect of existence:
“WOOD” burns to make…
“FIRE” whose ashes decompose into…
“EARTH” where are born and minded…
“METAL” which melted becomes…
“WATER” which nourishes trees…
# The Pentagram is called “KO”, the Father/Son cycle (destruction):
“WOOD” is cut down by Metal
“FIRE” is extinguished by Water
“EARTH” is penetrated by Wood
“METAL” is melted by Fire
“WATER” is cut off by Earth
ॐ Mother Sun cycle: There is a nurturing quality between the elements: the more seeds (spring energy), the more flowers growing, and then the more decay and minerals are formed and then the more life is created. If you nurture one it creates more energy in the next.