Yin & Yang Theory

Yin & Yang

☯ Yin & Yang is based on a comparative understanding of how things relate to each other, which means how something appears in relationship to something else. And it all depends on the set of circumstances, or on our perception of things.
For example: we talk about fruits as Yin because they’re soft and sweet, Yin is the energy of expansion and sweetness. And we talk about salt or carrots as Yang, because Yang is the energy of contraction, downward. But when you compare an apple to a carrot, the apple is Yin and the carrot is Yang, and when you compare salt to a carrot, the carrot is Yin and salt is Yang.

☯ It always depends on what you compare and how things relate. Yin communicates internally, Yang communicates externally.The openness of the Yin is based on the contraction of the Yang. 
Let’s take another example: If you go out on a hot day under a shelter, it’s not the same as sitting under a tree: because the shelter is blocking the Yang energy of the sun whereas the tree is generating Yin energy (the coolness of the tree). You’re cooling down instead of just avoiding the heat.
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