What’s Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy

円相 Yoga Therapy is a very accessible style of Yoga that focuses on specific parts and functions of the body (Lower Back, Neck & Shoulders, Digestion, Insomnia, Depression, etc.) using easy corrective movements to heal them. We are all different and the beauty of Japanese Yoga is to offer to everyone a tailored solution to give you back your balance and your health.
円相 Yoga Therapy teaches us how we can use the Body to own the Mind until the Mind can appreciate and ‘control‘ the Body. Putting the Mind in the right place through exercises is the importance. Bringing awareness to the right and differentiated parts of the body (through yoga correctives and the breath) gives way to appreciating it as a part-less whole. Once the Body is harmonised in such a way, the distinction between the Body and the one noticing this whole object can be made and the realisation that “I am not the Body” is clear.
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Spirit, Mind, Body

Yoga helps you to stabilize yourself and connect with the universe the way it should be, which is the way you should be. Stabilizing Mind & Body into the Belly. Promoting that Mind-Body relationship, binding them together, that is Yoga.
We need things like yoga where the Breath, the Body, and the Mind are integrating through a practice of self-stimulation so that we maintain our Mind-Body balance. It also can be dance, music, or a challenging conversation…
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ॐ Sadhguru said: “Once you create distance between you and your body, you and your mind, that is the end of suffering. If you create a little space between these two accumulations that you hold of body and mind, there is no such thing as suffering. The whole purpose of yoga is to become meditative; it means just that you have consciously created a distance between you and the very source of suffering. Once there is no fear of suffering, only when there is no fear of suffering will you walk full stride, realize the full potential of what it means to be human. To be human is not a survival process alone. To be human means to go beyond the limitations of physicality and psychological processes that we hold, to know life in its deepest core.”
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