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ॐ It all started with a book: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. It was my first encounter with Eastern wisdom. I was at the beginning of my twenties at the time. The first time I read it, I remember being astonished by its simplicity yet deeply-rooted wisdom. I was curious to know more and decided to travel to Asia. I ended up living 3 years in India, where I spend some time discovering Hinduism and Buddhism, their principles and philosophies.

ॐ After that, I went to Australia on vacation and that’s where I met my future teacher Andzej Gozpardchyk, founder of Ryoho Wellness. I was practicing yoga on a regular basis, but the yoga he taught me was transformative. In a few classes, he could point out my imbalances, my weaknesses and where I should improve. That was my first try at Japanese Yoga Therapy. I was fascinated. Later on, I heard that he was also a Shiatsu Master and I definitely wanted to try it out. It was an incredible experience–the feeling of calmness, the energy flowing in me, the profound relaxing state I was in were very new to me (as he told me at the end of the treatment that I didn’t know how to relax). He’s advice and recommendations were unorthodox (at least after a massage) and consisted of yoga correctives and nutritional tips. Yet he could precisely see what was happening in me and where I could improve; after a few weeks doing what he told me to, I felt like a new man! I wanted to learn this knowledge. I needed to.

ॐ So I decided to stay in Australia and I signed up for a 3-year-course with him. Doing yoga twice a day, practicing Shiatsu everyday, assisting him the weekends with his patient was my routine. Needless to say that this training completely change my life. My attention, initially centered towards me at the beginning of the training, shifted outwards, towards others. I wanted to help people; I wanted to spread the wisdom I had the chance to learn.
ॐAfter that, I went back to Europe; I was missing home. The desire to help and accompany people on their path back to great health has stayed with me me ever since. I worked for the last year for an association that helped support women with breast cancer, A chacun son Everest.
ॐ My name is Max. I’m a 33 year old Frenchman that spent the last 10 years abroad exploring new countries, cultures, lifestyles and wisdom, from North America to Asia, from Europe to Australia. I now live in Berlin and I’m excited to accompany you on your journey.
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